Celebrating women in engineering.

In our mission to democratise production, Wikifactory has partnered with industry associations, companies, local and global partners, as well as innovators from across the world to drive inclusion in the fields of design, engineering and manufacturing. We believe greater diversity of ideas and solutions will forge the most exciting product innovations of tomorrow.

We're taking part in the wider conversation.

How can effective strategies be adopted across industries to encourage greater diversity and inclusion? Critical Making is an EU-funded research project led by five partner organisations, including Wikifactory, to examine the effectiveness of grassroots activities attracting entrepreneurial women into the global Maker Movement. Uncovering case studies and examining data, we are evaluating a geographically dispersed global Maker community to identify best practices that support greater inclusion of all genders, ages and backgrounds.

Just 11% of the engineering workforce in the UK is female. Women's Engineering Society is committed to building professional development opportunities for women in STEM.  As an official partner, we're aligned with WES in our mission to remove the barriers to participate in the production industry and empower more women with advanced manufacturing tools and services to take their projects to the next level. That's why we offer all WES members a free 1-year private workspace on Wikifactory to design, collaborate and prototype physical products in 3D mode with our powerful software system.

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Engineers, designers and makers across 190 countries are working together on Wikifactory combining their knowledge, skills, new research and innovation to design and prototype product solutions that tackle the long-term and structural challenges of our time.